Sellermania’s Magento extension allows you to get the most out of marketplaces without leaving your Magento interface.

Sellermania, the marketplace management platform, provides its Magento module free of charge.

Here are the natively supported features:

  • Continuous integration of orders
  • Confirmation of orders from Magento
  • Continuous catalog export
  • All marketplaces connected to Sellermania are supported
  • Total or partial confirmation of orders
  • Decreasing stocks with your Magento:
    • marketplaces orders reduce your Magento stock and vice versa: orders from your site automatically reduce stock on Sellermania and therefore on marketplaces
    • Integration of Sellermania order details: EAN, SKU, status, category …
  • Creation of item sheets: a product created in your Magento can be automatically created on marketplaces via the Sellermania Mapper
  • Inventories with size / color variations are supported

Download the Magento extension for free.

Sellermania’s Magento module is compatible with Magento 1.9 and 2.0.
This Magento module requires configuration of your account and your catalogs.
Do not hesitate to contact our experts for more information: 01 79 75 53 00

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