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Stéphane Jauffert - Founder Sellermania

Sellermania’s platform helps merchants develop their activity on marketplaces. Our site is both a feed manager and a marketplace optimization software that allows merchants to develop their activity on marketplaces.

Business acceleration

A pioneer in price optimization on marketplaces, our Market First repricing tool allows merchants to win the buy box on many sites.

Fast, flexible and efficient, it is the assurance of developing turnover on marketplaces, fast and efficiently. Find out how.

Centralization of orders

All marketplace orders are centralized and can be processed in a standardized fashion in Sellermania.

Compatible with Prestashop, Magento, or any system, it saves time and provides reliability for merchants. Find out how .

Marketplaces feed management

Sellermania’s feed manager, the Mapper, allows merchants to adapt their product feeds to any marketplace, price comparison, retargeting, affiliation networks…

Managing feeds thanks to a flexible and efficient tool makes it possible to publish products everywhere, and to adapt to the finest requirements of any channel, while saving precious time. Find out how .

Advanced features

See the competition in the inventory, adapt listings to marketplace constraints, obtain various exports of your activity, establish management rules, automatically manage your “Shipped by Amazon” orders, chain several Skus between them, send invoices by email, and the list goes on … Over the years we have multiplied these exclusive features, requested by the most demanding sellers.

These features are tailored to perform on marketplaces. Find out how .

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