Having sellers on your marketplace
is not enough
This is a necessary first step for all marketplaces.
Ensure they also are competitive.
Ensure your sellers have great prices
Competitive prices is a huge driver to keep your marketplace flywheel going
A powerful repricing tool that monitors competition on your marketplace
The key to a successful marketplace

Give your sellers a powerful repricing tool


If you're a marketplace operator, there are three things you need to make it work:
the right sellers, the right offers, the right prices.
Sellermania provides the repricing tool your sellers need to keep your marketplace competitive.

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What drives your marketplace

Marketplaces success lies on a combination of drivers. Having the right sellers brings great selection to your website. More sellers and selection brings lower prices. Lower prices bring better customer experience, which itself brings more traffic. And the flywheel keeps spinning.


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Reprice sellers dynamically

Sellermania’s repricing monitors competition constantly on the marketplace and reprices sellers, to ensure they keep a competitive offer

Our API based technology does this faster than anyone else and is used by thousands of sellers across many marketplaces : Amazon, Rakuten, Fnac, Darty, Cdiscount, BackMarket

Empower your sellers for growth

  • Sellers with repricing make 52% more sales
  • Sellers have visibility on the market and make better pricing decisions.
  • Repricing monitors prices on the marketplace

Intelligent repricing ensures your marketplace remains competitively priced

Repricing marketplace international
Market visibility

Many different strategies

  • Full interface to define price strategy
  • Within seller defined limits and margins
  • Differenciate among product item condition new/used/refurbished
  • Consider competition’s customers feedback
  • Exclude competitors
  • Differentiate strategy based on sales volume

Effortless for sellers and for the marketplace

  • Easy integration with your marketplace
  • Easy for the seller, stays in your interface
  • Automatically import all items regularly
  • Automatically price, no limit on number of products
  • Ability to change limits easily
  • Easy onboarding
  • Full Support
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Repricing gives another dimension to your marketplace

As a retailer, no doubt you are already using price monitoring for your business. Having an automated repricing tool for your sellers will simply give another dimension to your marketplace. 

Whatever your number of sellers and your category, repricing is a game changer.

Pioneer of marketplace repricing

At Sellermania, we have repricing in our DNA. Our 15 years of experience in helping sellers on many marketplaces puts us at the forefront of the marketplace ecosystem. Our award winning technology has been chosen by thousands of sellers across millions  of products.

Sellermania award winning
Award winning Sellermania
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