Sell on all Marketplaces with a single software

Sell on Marketplaces destined to professionals

Are you a professional (e-merchant, brand, etc.), do you want to list your catalog on marketplaces? Amazon , Fnac Darty , C-Discount , Mano-Mano, Rakuten , E-Bay , Shopping-Action , Back Market , etc.
Sellermania covers all Marketplaces from a single management tool. How does this centralized and optimized management of your products on the Marketplace can allow you better sales performance?

To succeed on Marketplaces, you have to anticipate several important points

  1. Service : Marketplaces have a very high service level requirement. Your strategy should be established from the start and we suggest you equip yourself with the best tools available.
  2. Logistics : your products must be in stock. It is possible to sell products that are not in stock, but experience shows that the results are less good, and that the level of service demanded by marketplaces is not achieved using an overbooked strategy.

Almost real-time inventory decrement on Marketplaces

The typical mistake is to have to cancel sales because inventory does not update quickly enough. You need a management system that centralizes the orders that you will receive from the different marketplaces.

Sellermania decrements automatically your stocks on each marketplace as soon as the sale is made.

Delivery of products sold on Marketplace

If you do not know how to deliver to your end customer, solutions exist, such as Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) or C-Logistics.

You then entrust the delivery to Amazon Logistics services (or CDiscount for example) who take care of everything, both logistics and after-sales service. These solutions have many benefits and are often a good solution from the start when you don’t know how to get started.

Sellermania is compatible with Amazon FBA and C-logistics, but also with your own logistics support system.

Centralized and optimized catalog management

The aim is to automate management and centralize your e-commerce activity 

    • The products created on your e-commerce site are systematically and automatically created on marketplaces and price comparison sites.
    • You set your product flow initially and it is settled once and for all (but can be changed depending on your needs)
    • Do not underestimate the initial setup time, which is more or less complex depending on your situation.

Sellermania offers a turnkey solution, where the configuration is done for you via the “Mapper” (patented solution) .

You don’t have to worry about it then, and you start your sales on the Marketplaces you want quickly and under the best conditions .

Business accelerators designed at the heart of the Sellermania Marketplace solution

Watch out for the competition. Selling on marketplaces is good, but you still have to be “well” referenced.

In particular, marketplaces are a highly competitive environment. If you don’t watch your competition and constantly adjust your positioning, you’re losing sales, lots of sales.

The price management on marketplaces is therefore essential. Sellermania provides a solution for corrective competitive intelligence , continuously developed since 2007, and is today a leader in dynamic referencing on marketplaces .

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