Pricing: your decisive competitive advantage

The issue of pricing strategies

Listing your catalog on a marketplace is a key 1st step. The next step is to make sure that you are referenced effectively.
In addition to the seller’s quality criteria (reliability, customer reviews, etc.), price is essential for the positioning of your products at the top of marketplace search results. How to ensure a good investment without sacrificing the margin ? How to gain margin when there is less competition ? Only a marketplace price management tool like Sellermania can do this efficiently and regularly.

Sellermania’s Corrective Competitive Watch response

The Sellermania Corrective Competitive Watch ensures the best application of the pricing strategy and its optimization according to the competition. Prices are collected and updated up to 72 times a day!

Management rules apply to vary your prices according to your stock levels, your desired purchase and sale prices, the attitude of your competitors, new or used condition, the “shipped” delivery method by Amazon “, the type of supplier etc, all this while respecting your margins.

Sellers who use Sellermania’s corrective competitive intelligence gain the shopping box on sites like Amazon, Fnac, PriceMinister, Cdiscount or Darty , which undeniably translates into turnover.

Leader in price management on marketplaces

Sellermania has been operating in marketplaces since 2005 and has developed technology in-house, patented, and tested by thousands of merchants in Europe. Sellermania provides a cutting-edge marketplace price management service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and ensures permanent follow-up and monitoring, including for the most demanding merchants.


Competitive Corrective Watch optimize your SEO and tenfold your visibility and your growth on marketplaces.

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Frequent questions about Repricing Amazon and marketplaces

It depends on the software you use. The criteria to set the repricing tool can be very different from a repricing platform to the next. If you work on Sellermania’s platform, you can set up a strategy, based on several criteria other than your selling price: the item-condition (new/refurbished), the shipping type of your competitors, shipping country, your competitor’s ratings or number of feedbacks, whether your competitors are professional sellers or not, the logistics they use, their sales numbers, the product category, …

Diverse variables enable you to finetune an accurate and smart strategy, which does not only take your selling price into consideration, but also appropriate qualitative criteria, in order to drive up the price when possible, without compromising your margins.

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