Distribute your product catalogs?

Do you have a product catalog and want to distribute it?

Sellermania, thanks to its Mapper, allows you to reference your product feeds on all  marketplaces  suddenly, as well as on  price comparison , or whoever needs your product feed.

The Mapper is a breakthrough innovation, allowing you to easily adapt your catalog to the finest requirements of marketplaces, price comparators or any other partner on the Internet.

You don’t change your feed or the way you work. The Mapper adapts flexibly  to your feed and allows you to  maximize your number of articles actually referenced on Marketplaces .

You tailor your catalog to the finest categories of marketplaces. All categories, subcategories, shelving, as well as their constraints are pre-referenced in the Mapper. You easily adapt your feed to the mandatory lists of values of marketplaces or comparators. You increase the reliability of your SEO, and improve your visibility .

The Mapper is visual, you adapt your catalog simply and in an intuitive interface.

Result: you automate the referencing of your new products. As soon as your new products are created and available in your feed, the Mapper automatically distributes them to marketplaces and comparators.

I plan to save a lot of time with the Mapper

Valery Morjon, Kwebox  (Office supplies)  “I only created new products every 3 or 4 months on the marketplaces. It was a hassle to process the rejects, the products that did not pass. What you have done is very impressive ”

I can categorize the products finely ”

Michel Das Neves, Ixtem Moto. not just by doing  match the categories, but using any field from my feed. Very useful for getting to have my products listed. “

You have a completely different approach ”

Julien Platel, TheFrenchTalents (multi-product)
the Mapper helps me catch up on errors before  that I  does not export to marketplaces. No more shoddy shipments. Not bad !”

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