How to prepare your product feed for marketplaces?

You sell in the marketplaces, or you want to sell there. If you have a website and want export your product feed to marketplaces you have to meet a number of criteria.

Sellermania allows you to use your product feed and create products automatically on all marketplaces, without changing the way you work, without changing your product feed.

The Sellermania Mapper, a patented tool, specially designed for marketplaces, and price comparators, allows any product feed to be adapted to the finest marketplace requirements.

Some criteria must nevertheless be respected. You need as much information as possible about your feed:

  • EAN code, in almost all cases
  • article title
  • product marketing description
  • image url
  • categories or keywords to categorize articles
  • price, quantity …
  • size, color
  • any attributes that you think are important

Sellermania does not require a particular format. If you don’t have a feed, don’t worry, the Sellermania integrators will provide you with a basic framework to complete.

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