How to sell more on the Back Market Marketplace

Do you want to increase your sales on the Back Market marketplace?

Reference in resale of the conditioned , alternative consumption in electronics, high tech and household appliances, Back Market allows to professionals to sell durable devices, refurbished by experts .

Before discussing the specifics of the new Back Market marketplace , here are some tips from professionals to understand how Back Market works.

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Advice for better selling and reselling on Back Market: Optimize your inventory

Successful Marketplace sales on Back Market begins with a good knowledge of the states available on Back Market.

Old names of states on Back Market New state names on Back Market
Shiny Refurbished / Used “like new”
Gold Refurbished / Used “very good”
Silver Refurbished / Used “good”
Bronze Refurbished / Used “correct”
Stallone Stallone

Sellermania’s contributions to better manage and develop your sales Pro Marketplace Back Market

Sellermania is compatible with these states to allow you to publish your offers on the Back Market (and on the other marketplaces you manage).

Everything is done in Sellermania so that you can manage your inventory centrally.

Advice for better selling on Back Market: Mandatory fields to publish on Back Market

As with all marketplaces, there is specific information to provide, especially for professional sales of refurbished products. At Back Market, this goes through:

    • Add the warranty to your inventory : in months, minimum 6 months for Back Market;
    • Customize your seller comment : information on the details of your offer, eg: “supplied without controller”;

Note: Back Market mainly manages its product catalog on the basis of Back Market identifiers ( Back Market ID ), rather than on the EAN (bar code). You can retrieve this information from Back Market support.

Sellermania allows you to fill in this mandatory information for publication on Back Market:

    • The guarantee of the article
    • The seller comment

We also integrate the Back Market ID in Sellermania so that your offer is published on the correct product page.

Check out some of the other features.

Advice for selling on Back Market: Win the buy box

Unlike other marketplaces, to sell on Back Market, your offer must have the “ buy box “.

On each product sheet, only the offer with the “buy box” is visible to the buyer .

From the Back Market back office , you can manually modify your price according to the recommendation of the “buy box” system, within the limit of once per hour (restriction imposed by the marketplace).

Exclusive: Market First to obtain the Back Market Buy Box

Our platform is the only one to have a pricing strategy to obtain the “buy box” on Back Market. Once configured, the Market First pricing will automatically recalculate your prices to allow you to obtain the “ buy box », And this for all the inventory.

Advice to sell better on Back Market: Manage your stocks

When a professional sells reconditioned products , the competition is fierce and you have neither the time nor the space to make inventory management errors .

You need a Management system perfectly integrated with Back Market, in order to manage your activity as closely as possible, from A to Z:

    • Intelligently manage your stocks : monitoring, automated decrement
    • Adjust your selling prices automatically
    • Automate management of your orders
    • Speed up updates to Back Market

Sellermania provides the tool to ensure the level required by Back Market

For example, when an order is placed on the Back Market marketplace, it goes back to the Sellermania interface, which automatically returns the information -1 to the stock, to bring the information down to all your online stocks on other marketplaces.

If you have an e-commerce site, we allow you to manage the update of your stocks and your controls in an integrated way (with module Prestashop or Magento ).

Everything is done in Sellermania so that you meet the objectives given by Back Market.

Frequent questions about Back Market marketplace

Sell on Back Market

Back Market began by offering refurbished resale of “extremely expensive new products”:

  • Electronics: smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets
  • High Tech: TV, Home cinema, video projectors, speakers
  • Appliances: Vacuum cleaners, steam generator, heating

The Back Market catalog has diversified, and offers entertainment products:

  • Consoles
  • Hoverboards
  • Electric scooters
  • Electric bikes
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This obviously depends on the complexity of what you want to do. 

If you start directly on marketplaces, there is no delay . From the moment your account is opened, and you have passed the step ” Verification / KYC », You can start selling on most marketplaces like Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Rakuten, eBay … For some marketplaces, you will need an interface via an integrator: La Redoute, Rueducommerce, Spartoo …

If you want to interface your website and manage it via flows, the easiest way is to go through an integrator. It will take time to integrate, aiming to adapt your feed to what is necessary to sell on marketplaces. The times for this stage range from 1 day to several weeks, sometimes several months. depending on the complexity of what you want to do, the quality of your catalog, your ability to export the mandatory attributes required by marketplaces.

Time to implementation of sales on marketplaces depends on several factors:

  • Depending on the marketplace chosen, the reactivity time can vary greatly
  • The complexity of your situation can be a source of time to anticipate
  • If you have a website with a product feed to distribute on marketplaces, you must already know if the item sheets are already created on the marketplaces, or if they will have to be created.

To check if your products are already referenced, all you have to do is look for the EAN code of your products on the marketplaces.  If you find them, it means that the item file is already referenced. Otherwise, it will have to be created.

If your products are already listed, it’s easier, and in a few days your feed can be configured to be sent to marketplaces. The sale of your products on marketplaces can then go very fast.

Avec notre solution Sellermania, vous pouvez démarrer instantanément et en toute autonomie si vous êtes dans les cas les plus simples. Si vous avez besoin d'accompagnement et n'êtes pas certain de votre besoin, nos Account Managers sont là pour répondre à vos questions. Nous étudions votre projet, et vous accompagnons pendant toute la phase d'intégration, jusqu'à ce que vous soyez opérationnel sur les marketplaces. 

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To facilitate your order management, Sellermania provides:

  • Mass generation of invoices with sequenced numbers
  • Easy sending of pre-personalized email to buyers (thanks to dynamic fields)
  • The presence on the invoice of the seller’s comment of the offer (to avoid disputes)
  • An internal comment (free field, ex: storage location)

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On the Back Market marketplace, the commission charged is set at 10% , whatever the product.

To find out more, you can read our article “Commissions by marketplaces”.

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As a professional seller of reconditioned or used products, you are subject to the VAT regime on margin .

It consists of only collect VAT on the margin carried out.

The principle of VAT on margin is simple:

The sellers who bought the second-hand goods did not pay VAT (the VAT was paid when the item was new), so do not get any back. It might be unfair to re-pay VAT on the full price of the item, and the seller is in some cases entitled to only pay VAT on the margin they make by reselling the item.

If he displayed the amount of VAT on his margin, he would implicitly give the amount of his margin and therefore his purchase price to the buyer, which would not be very commercial!

The legislation allows in this specific case not to display the amount of VAT. The seller nevertheless has the obligation in his VAT return to specify the bases of his calculation.

Accounting for VAT on margin is done in parallel with “classic” accounting, and recommends the mention “VAT on margin” on the invoice.

Sellermania is the only marketplace integration platform to be "VAT on margin" compatible. 

In Sellermania, activate the “VAT on margin” option for invoices for your reconditioned / used products, to be personalized directly in your Sellermania platform.
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The Back Market marketplace offers the service FBBM (Fulfillment By Back Market , trad. Delivered by Back Market). It allows you:

  • Storage of your items
  • Logistics allowing you to outsource your shipments (regardless of the origin of the order), as well as your after-sales service for all distribution questions

FBBM is a paid option , to be implemented directly with Back Market.

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When you become a seller on Back Market, you must pay a “security deposit” to the marketplace. It is a deposit that you pay to the marketplace.

It is cashed in the event that:

  • Back Market must reimburse one of your buyers
  • And Back Market does not have enough funds (taken from your commissions) to reimburse the buyer

This guarantee is only used for refunds from your buyers.

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