Efficient marketplace feed management software

Are you an e-merchant, do you want to list your catalog on marketplaces? Trust an expert.

Marketplaces are a specialist’s business. Their quality criteria are high, pushing a catalog feed is not enough. You need management software to best adapt your offer, maximize and optimize your SEO, list and synchronize your orders.

Intended for sellers who want to optimize their product feed and activity on marketplaces

Sellermania provides online software, accessible without downloading, to manage your entire marketplace activity. Your sales are centralized, whether you have a website or not, your orders are permanently integrated by Sellermania, which you can recover in your ecommerce if you wish . This makes it easier to manage your marketplace orders and you save time.

Efficient, the best sellers are equipped with marketplace software like Sellermania

A sale made on marketplace X is immediately decremented from the other marketplaces where you are registered, without waiting. It is one of the most efficient marketplace order management software. You thus gain in service, quality, and sustainability on the marketplace.

Sellermania has established partnerships with most marketplaces and price comparison sites in France. Thanks to the software, you easily integrate your catalog and efficiently manage your flows to marketplaces and comparators .

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