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A major player in e-commerce and a pioneering platform in the second-hand market, eBay has been enabling private and professional sellers to publish their offers in the same way as on a traditional marketplace for over 20 years.

Sellermania facilitates your daily management of your offers:

  • Our inventory shows the title, sku, EAN and photo of the item for sale.
  • All the fields in your listing can be modified from the Sellermania inventory, manually, by uploading a file, by updating the feed or by API.
  • You can add additional information such as your seller comment (specific to the eBay offer) which appears on the invoice, thus reducing the number of disputes.

Tips for Selling Better on eBay: Understanding How eBay Works

On eBay is an e-commerce platform on which you publish listings. Each offer therefore has its own product sheet that includes all the mandatory attributes for listing on eBay.

For example: to put a product up for sale on eBay, the EAN alone is not enough. You also need to provide one or more photos of the product, a detailed description and choose a category corresponding to the item.

Request more information to sell your products on marketplaces (reserved for professionals)

Listings on eBay require to enter specific eBay attributes.

Below are the items required to post on eBay :

    • Product category
    • Title
    • Description
    • Image (s)
    • Mark
    • Maker
    • EAN
    • Ad lifespan
    • Selling price
    • State

Don’t forget to specify the duration of the listing and the sale price. Discover the eBay category codes

In 2023, 62% of visits to will come from a mobile device*. Don’t forget to optimise your listings by following these tips


Aim at great customer service

Your customer service must be fast and flawless, and this thanks to:

  1. Optimized and ultra-efficient inventory management
  2. Fast order processing that is well interfaced with your systems
  3. Optimized listing creation

Sellermania for order management

  • Centralize all your orders, received from your seller marketplaces accounts
  • Allows precise integration from your e-commerce site or product feed (with module Prestashop or Magento or API )
  • Provides a comprehensive online platform (order confirmation / cancellation, sending tracking numbers, etc.)

Sellermania provides a very efficient tool to ensure the quality level required by eBay.

Sellermania for transactional e-mail management

On Sellermania, you can create customised e-mails with dynamic fields (product name, order number, buyer’s address, etc.).
For example, sending an invoice in PDF format, requesting an evaluation reminder, confirming dispatch, etc.

Centralized management of Marketplaces offers

With Sellermania, we enable you to have centralised management of offers for traditional marketplaces (with EAN, SKU, condition, quantity, price) and for eBay listings, from our unique inventory

From your centralised inventory on Sellermania, you can add and manage mandatory attributes, filter and put your offers online on eBay.

Advice on how to sell better on eBay: Set up your sales policy manager

The Sales policy manager is an eBay feature that allows you to set delivery, payment and return conditions for buyers.

For this tab to be visible on your eBay account, you must ask their support to enable it. 

This allows you to configure your upload information:

  • Delivery :
    • National / International,
    • Colissimo / Mondial Relay / Chronopost / DHL / Ecopli / Registered letter, …
  • Payment :
    • Payment with eBay Payment Services
  • Return :
    • National / international conditions,
    • Return within 14 days of receipt (minimum required)

When you enter your terms and conditions in the manager, make sure you accept the “terms and conditions of sale” for your eBay account (particularly for international sales), so that you can use the terms and conditions you have set.

Sellermania is fully compatible with your eBay policy manager.

Note : Payment via PayPal allows online payment instantly and securely. Make sure that your PayPal account is well entered (same email address as the login on eBay).

Advice on how to sell better on eBay  : Manage your stocks finely

You need a management system perfectly integrated with eBay, in order to manage your activity as closely as possible, from A to Z  :

    • Intelligently manage your stocks 
    • Automate the management of your orders
    • Speed up stock and product updates to eBay

Sellermania centralizes your stock management for eBay and other marketplaces.

For example, when an order is placed on a marketplace or on eBay, it goes up in our interface, which automatically sends information -1 to Sellermania stock, and then down to all your online stocks on the various marketplaces.

If you have an e-commerce site, we allow you to manage the updating of your stocks and orders in an integrated way with a Prestashop or Magento module, or via API.

Everything is done in Sellermania so that you meet the objectives set by eBay.

Frequent questions and answers about eBay Marketplace

Sell on eBay

In the Sellermania inventory, when creating an offer, you have the option to select the eBay category corresponding to your product.

You can customize your eBay offer listing with the following elements to give more weight and better SEO:

  • The title (considering the number of characters and the search based on the keywords of the title)
  • Upload photos in the Sellermania database
  • Category / subcategory

For any account eBay , some criteria mean that you cannot put as many articles as you want on your account .

This is the eBay selling limit

It is not systematic on eBay seller accounts , but is applicable in the following cases:

  • Additional verification to control the products and certify the account (ex: PayPal Verified)
  • Restrictions on accessing options on eBay and conditions to be fulfilled (eg: limited auction, unavailable “ask the seller a question”, sale blocked for a fixed period, registration for a minimum period – 90 days -, performance standards to be respected, etc.)
  • Limit applied to category (ex: perfumes are limited to 400 EUR of sale per week and a limit of 10 products / the categories ‘vehicles’ (except parts), ‘real estate’ and ‘SMEs, artisans and farmers’ are not subject to limitations )
  • Limit for certain items (ex: branded products)
  • “General” sales limit , capping the number of items in your account, which can be lifted

How to Understand the eBay “Item” Limit: In Stock Value

If you have a restriction or limit with ceiling , you have to contact eBay support to ask for the verification procedure and lift the possible limit on the number of objects, in order to be able to publish on your account.

In the case of the sales limit with ceiling, it is a monthly limit which takes into account 3 criteria , which blocks your account activity once one of the limits is reached:

  • The number of items sold (limit of units sold)
  • The number of advertisements in progress (limit on the value of the inventory in stock)
  • Turnover
With Sellermania, you can select which offers to publish and limit the quantities uploaded to meet your eBay ceiling, and continue to publish.

No , a seller can offer several other payment methods:

  • Bank check
  • Bank transfer
  • Payment during hand delivery
  • etc.

However, to sell professionally , it is strongly recommended to have a PayPal account for :

  • Allow immediate purchase for the buyer
  • Offer an additional payment method via PayPal (account to account, credit card)
  • Offers eBay Customer Guarantee, covering buyers if something goes wrong
Sellermania is compatible with eBay payment methods including PayPal, to allow you to manage your activity from a centralized platform.

The EAN being the bar code of the product offered for sale, it is used by marketplaces to allow identify a product in their catalog .

In order to standardize the practice of professional eBay selling and improve SEO , the EAN codes became mandatory in 2016, for new and refurbished products by the manufacturer. For existing offers, modification is possible directly on the online form.

In the case where no unique EAN code is associated with the object , you can select “ Not applicable “, And this will be accepted as long as the” Not applicable “indication is relevant for the product type. If the information entered is verified as incorrect, this may result in the blocking or the deletion of your offer sheet.

With our Sellermania solution, your centralized inventory will also be up to standard to integrate both eBay and all the marketplaces you want to link if they have an EAN. Products without an EAN code are allowed to sell on eBay only.

Professional sellers on can publish their listings on other eBay platforms.


These variations are possible thanks to the European expansion program of WebInterpret (eBay external partner).

This allows you to benefit from:

  • Free translation offer sheets (for sheets with international delivery)
  • Updating and synchronizing your files on all European eBay sites
  • Converting sizes
  • Automatic sale offers sheets
  • International payments

For sell internationally on eBay , you must accept the international sales agreement ( Cross border Trade Agreement ).

As historically, eBay is a classifieds platform , the online catalog is very varied and brings together private and professional sellers , of new , of the occasion and reconditioned , of the Mark and handmade .

In fact, on eBay , some categories are more provided compared to the catalog of specialist marketplaces :

  • Pet Shop
  • Cameras and camcorders
  • Art and antiques
  • Household appliances
  • Creative hobby items
  • Baby items
  • Garden and patio items
  • Household items
  • Automobiles and motorcycles
  • Boats, sailing and boating
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Ceramics and glasses
  • Collections
  • DVDs and movie articles
  • Immovable
  • IT and networks
  • Musical instruments
  • Video games and consoles
  • Toys and games
  • Books, comics and magazines
  • Audio and video equipment
  • DIY material
  • Currencies
  • Music, CDs and vinyls
  • Parts and accessories for cars and motorcycles
  • SMEs, artisans and farmers
  • Beauty products, wellness and perfumes
  • Sports and vacation
  • Stamps
  • Telephony and mobility
  • Clothes and accessories

No , there are several formats for publishing your listings on eBay, which are divided into 2 types for prices (with variations):

  1. Format Fixed price : immediate purchase, with direct offer option
  2. Auction Format : single auction, with buy it now option, with or without reserve price

For more information, you can read our article “ Commissions by marketplaces “.

A Top Reliability seller take advantage of a increased visibility during a search on the eBay site. To obtain this badge, you must meet a number of conditions.

List of conditions published by eBay for Top Reliability sellers :

  • Your eBay account is dated more than 90 days and you live in France
  • You’re a professional seller
  • You follow the eBay settlement
  • You count at least 100 transactions with French buyers in the last 12 months
  • You have a turnover of at least 1000 € over 12 months
  • Minimum 98% positive feedback
  • Maximum 2% of transactions with defaults , with at least five different buyers
  • Maximum 0.3% of disputes closed without resolution

The eBay catalog being very varied, there are many different states for offers , which depend on the category, such as the examples below (non-exhaustive list and subject to change):

  • New
  • New with tags
  • New without the packing
  • New with packaging
  • New with defects
  • Opportunity
  • Remanufactured
  • For spare parts / does not work
  • Abyss
  • Refurbished by the manufacturer
  • Refurbished by the seller

Ex: “ Remanufactured “Is only applicable for the category” Automobile and motorcycle “and” Aviation parts> Rooms “

This obviously depends on the complexity of what you want to do. 

If you start directly on marketplaces, there is no delay . From the moment your account is opened, and you have passed the step ” Verification / KYC », You can start selling on most marketplaces like Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Rakuten, eBay … For some marketplaces, you will need an interface via an integrator: La Redoute, Rueducommerce, Spartoo …

If you want to interface your website and manage it via flows, the easiest way is to go through an integrator. It will take time to integrate, aiming to adapt your feed to what is necessary to sell on marketplaces. The times for this stage range from 1 day to several weeks, sometimes several months. depending on the complexity of what you want to do, the quality of your catalog, your ability to export the mandatory attributes required by marketplaces.

Time to implementation of sales on marketplaces depends on several factors:

  • Depending on the marketplace chosen, the reactivity time can vary greatly
  • The complexity of your situation can be a source of time to anticipate
  • If you have a website with a product feed to distribute on marketplaces, you must already know if the item sheets are already created on the marketplaces, or if they will have to be created.

To check if your products are already referenced, all you have to do is look for the EAN code of your products on the marketplaces.  If you find them, it means that the item file is already referenced. Otherwise, it will have to be created.

If your products are already listed, it’s easier, and in a few days your feed can be configured to be sent to marketplaces. The sale of your products on marketplaces can then go very fast.

With our solution, you can start instantly and independently if you are in the more simple cases. If you need support and are not sure of your needs, our Account Managers are available to answer your questions. We will study your project, and support you throughout the integration phase, until you are operational on the marketplaces. 

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