Comparison of the quality indicators of the different marketplaces

On the different marketplaces, the sales potential is enormous. You still have to respect the quality criteria at the risk of seeing your seller account suspended or even closed. But what are the criteria taken into account by marketplaces  ?


For the American marketplace, the performance indicators are  : defective order rate, pre-processing sales cancellation rate and delivery delays.

The rate of defective orders

For Amazon, it is necessary not to exceed 1% of defective orders. To calculate this rate, all you have to do is do the following formula: number of defective orders / total number of orders.

For the marketplace, the rate of defective orders takes these indicators into account  :

  • A claim under the A to Z guarantee
  • The rate of negative evaluations
  • The rate of direct debits

The cancellation rate before treatment

For cancellations, it should not exceed 2.5% of total sales. According to Amazon, the pre-process cancellation rate is for orders canceled prior to confirmation of shipment. To find out this rate, just apply the following formula  :  number of orders shipped before confirmation of shipment / total number of orders shipped.

Delays in delivery

Finally, delivery delays must not exceed 4.5% of the total deliveries. It corresponds to the number of orders not received by the estimated date. The formula is as follows  : number of orders not received on time / number of orders shipped.


For Cdiscount, the performance indicators are  :

  • An order acceptance and shipping rate of at least 97.5%
  • Compliance with preparation deadlines of at least 96%
  • Ban on dropshipping
  • A complaint rate that must be less than 1%


For Fnac, sellers must respect  :

  • A rating greater than 4 out of 5
  • A complaint rate of less than 5%

Rakuten (PriceMinister)

The marketplace asks for a confirmation no rate that must not exceed 5% of total sales. To calculate the rate, here is the formula  : number of unconfirmed sales / total number of sales.


For Darty, from 5 orders an account can be sanctioned, if it does not meet one of the following criteria  :

  • A rating of less than 3 out of 5
  • An acceptance period which must not exceed 72 hours
  • 80% acceptance rate
  • An order incident rate of less than 20%

Back Market

Regarding Back Market, the quality indicators are  :

  • Cancellations
  • The deliveries
  • Defective products
  • Response times, accessory issues
  • Non-compliant products

The French startup has not set a threshold, because they change daily. A poor performance on these indicators will be worth a penalty for the buy-box.

Shopping street

For Rue du Commerce, the quality indicators are  :

  • Order cancellation rate
  • Late delivery rate
  • Litigation rate

All these indicators must have a rate below 5% each month.

The quality indicators differ depending on the marketplace, but ultimately remain relatively comparable. It is the interpretation that is made of it that differs according to the marketplaces. The Amazon and Cdiscount marketplaces are, one could say, the most severe at the moment with sellers. It must be said that they concentrate most of the business. It is therefore necessary to know the requirements well and to check these different indicators, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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