Adjust your prices intelligently on marketplaces

Compete effectively

Marketplaces are 33% of e-commerce, but it is also a formidable competitive environment. French, European, American and Chinese are fighting to win sales.

Sellermania ensures you the best position

Define your pricing rules and Sellermania automates the best price
You want to be in the best position?

Increase visibility and sales

Many sellers compete on the same product. Win buy boxes by showing better service or better prices.

Sellermania helps you get the BuyBox

Define pricing rules to make sure you get the buy box.
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Improve margins

The battle is fierce over prices. Successful sellers readjust their prices all the time. The key is to do it intelligently, while maintaining margins.

Market First adapts your prices

Define your pricing rules according to your margins and your commercial strategy.
Why not you  ?

Market First: get the No 1 position

Market First is a smart repricing tool. We’ve been developing it for years, and it is now the fastest on the market. We make it available for Amazon, Fnac, Rakuten, Cdiscount, Back Market and Darty.

On all other marketplaces, our “light” pricing strategies also make it possible to send relevant prices that evolve according to the market and your constraints.

Sellermania is the only feed manager operator to natively integrate into its software a repricing tool that combines flexibility of strategies, update speed and reliability.

Gagner boite d achat Amazon Fnac Rakuten Cdiscount Darty
Mançois Sylvain - Product Manager Sellermania

When looking for a repricing tool, 3 criteria are important: 

  • Flexibility of strategies
  • Speed of detection and price change
  • Reliability

Sylvain Mançois, Sellermania Product Manager

Adapt your pricing strategy

Whether you wish to :

  • Win more buy boxes
  • Adjust your prices intelligently
  • Raise your prices when competition is weaker, lower them when the market becomes more difficult
  • Have all of this for all marketplaces at the same time

Market First is the best tool on the market for repricing on marketplaces.


Real time repricing

Our Amazon repricing takes seconds to adjust.

A few seconds to adjust your prices!

On Amazon, as soon as a competitor moves his price, adjust yours a few seconds later, within your limits, taking into account your strategy.

Schedule repricing according to your needs

Plan your price changes according to your needs and desires, or launch a calculation at will directly from the interface of the Sellermania site.

On the Amazon, Fnac, Rakuten, Cdiscount, Darty and BackMarket sites, there is no pricing software faster than Sellermania on the market today.

Repricing marketplace temps réel

If you’re a marketplace give the best repricer to your sellers

Get Sellermania in white label. Take your marketplace to the next level by giving Sellermania to all your sellers. Compatible with your marketplace technology: Sellermania is compatible with all Mirakl marketplaces, and can be adapted to any marketplace technology. Find out how to get the best repricer for your marketplace.

15 years of development and improvements

We have been investing for nearly 15 years in repricing technologies on marketplaces, which places us today at the forefront of this business.

Our tools are continuously monitored and constantly improved, taking into account technical developments in marketplaces and market needs. An on-call team 365 days a year is here for you if necessary, weekends and holidays included.

Repricing marketplace temps reel

The result: strong increase in sales

Sellers equipped with Market First achieve 4 times more growth than others.

This is not a surprise, as it is important to modify its prices intelligently in a highly competitive environment. We were able to analyze it with precision, by methodically comparing the performances of sellers, and the results are obvious on all marketplaces, and all sectors of activity.

The margins are respected, because the adjustment is done in both directions: upwards and downwards, and within the limits set. During confinement, for example, the price increased by 15% while posting this strong growth.

Sellermania is the only marketplace technology platform to natively include a price adjustment module.

The result : + 300% sales on Fnac for sellers who use Market First, + 132% on Cdiscount, + 90% on Amazon

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