Are you looking for a marketplaces feed manager?

You sell in the marketplaces, or you want to sell there. You have a website and you are looking for a feed management solution, an efficient feed aggregator for export your product feed to marketplaces .

Marketplaces feed manager for 15 years

We offer a marketplace management software platform , used by thousands of marketplaces sellers to optimize their flows and their activity towards all marketplaces.

Sellermania allows you to use your product feed and create products automatically on all marketplaces, without changing the way you work, without changing your product feed.

The Sellermania Mapper, a patented feed management solution, specially designed for marketplaces, and price comparators, allows any product feed to be adapted to the finest marketplace requirements. This is called feed management in English.

Some criteria must nevertheless be respected. You need as much information as possible about your product feed:

    • EAN code, in almost all cases
    • article title
    • product marketing description
    • image url
    • categories or keywords to categorize articles
    • price, quantity …
    • size, color
    • any attributes that you think are important

Sellermania does not require a particular format. Sellermania’s marketplace feed manager can adapt to any input flow.

Export your product feed to marketplaces, comparators, affiliate platforms, retargeting or social networks.

The Sellermania marketplaces feed manager acts as a feed aggregator for marketplaces and, more broadly, allows you to export your products wherever there is e-commerce traffic. Configure the feed manager to the channels that are important to you, including personalized channels: Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount, Rakuten, Google Shopping, Back Market, Mano Mano, eBay, Darty, Mirakl, Facebook, Critéo …

These marketplace feed management solutions allow you to integrate marketplaces and other channels flexibly and efficiently, by automating processes.

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Optimized management of marketplace orders

Your Sellermania platform centralizes all marketplace orders , and allows you to retrieve them in your website back-office (Prestashop, Magento, or any technology). You can then manage and optimize your order flow.

Stocks are updated centrally

When you transmit stocks through your feed, Sellermania passes your updates on to all marketplaces. Likewise, the “inter-marketplace” update is very fast: a sale made on marketplace X updates the stock on other marketplaces automatically, independently of your flow.

A “Platform” marketplace feed manager

Not all feed managers are created equal. Sellermania is a marketplace feed manager of the “platform” type, that is to say that it adds to the management  feed of advanced features to perform on marketplaces. Learn more about the difference between “pure” and “platform” type feed managers.

Partner of all major marketplaces

Sellermania’s product feed manager allows any merchant to export their products to marketplaces and optimize their sales scores. See what our customers think .

For any request on our feed management solution, do not hesitate to contact us.

Sellermania marketplace feed manager
Sellermania's marketplace feed management solution - optimized product feed management
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