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Selling on marketplaces requires specialized expertise and tools . Sellermania is used by many marketplace specialists, and recognized for its performance. It is a team of passionate experts, former of Amazon, which publishes a software to succeed in marketplaces .

Your products deserve to be seen!

Building your traffic when you have a website is sometimes expensive and time consuming. Exposing your products on marketplaces can increase their visibility tenfold.


If you have a site under Prestashop or Magento, Sellermania provides you with a free module to connect your site directly so that you continue to work on your site as usual, and the products created on your site are automatically put online on the marketplaces.

There are two ways to market your products on marketplaces. The first, if your products are already listed on the marketplace, is to match your offers with the product on the marketplace. This solution is suitable for a large number of products, relatively fast and efficient, it allows an efficient implementation for many merchants.

The second, if your products are not yet listed on the marketplace, is to first perform this first listing. It is a question here of transmitting all the information necessary for the creation of the article on the site of the marketplace (images, titles, descriptions, categories etc). This longer method requires matching the attributes of your site or file with those required by marketplaces.

In both cases, Sellermania provides the solution: you “connect” your website to Sellermania, thanks to tools dedicated to matching (solution 1), and a specific tool for mapping (solution 2), which make it possible to maximize the number of referrals that you are going to sell.

A service turnkey , a dedicated team supports you to understand your activity and to integrate your catalog on marketplaces .

On a marketplace you are in competition!

The Internet is of course very competitive. On marketplaces, this is even more true! It is necessary to have tools to emerge on the market places. The crucial point is to get the buy box which is the number 1 position on the product sheet, the one which retrieves the “Add to cart” button by default.


The “Add to cart” button is the “shopping box”,

pole position on marketplaces.

Sellermania provides a dynamic automatic price calculation tool that allows to obtain the “buy box” . It scans in real time the competition on the marketplaces and offers you to adjust your prices automatically according to your margin and the limits you have defined. Result, more sales while protecting your margins. The price may vary depending on what you have on your website and any criteria you specify.

Centralize, automate, you have no time to waste!

Manage your orders, your stocks, add products, delete some … as many manual manipulations as you want to avoid! First of all to avoid mistakes, and then of course to save time.

Sellermania provides an all-in-one tool that allows centralized management of all your marketplace activity, and allows you to repatriate and process your orders from your site.

An important point: inventory management. You need to plan for a rapid inventory adjustment system. Traditional systems are often too slow to adjust inventory and result in duplicate sales, order cancellations. Sellermania allows you to maximize and optimize your inventory management and thereby improve your service on the marketplaces.

Benefit from support from our experts and an implementation turnkey .

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Selling on marketplaces is a specialist business. Sellermania has been the best decision I have made since starting out in marketplaces. PC purchase

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