Amazon Choice: the holy grail of branding

To sell your brand on Amazon, the ideal is to be selected “Amazon’s Choice”, the label that you see appearing on certain products. This feature, which appeared on since November 2017, is a selection and choice criterion that gives undeniable visibility to certain products in search results.

The impact on sales is considerable, the product being highlighted in search results, categories, similar products, emailing, or even on the item sheet itself.

What are the criteria to obtain the Amazon choice  ?

The product chooses according to criteria of relevance as defined by Amazon:

  • a evaluation rate positive of at least 4 stars
  • a return rate on the product very low
  • a popular article
  • a quick delivery

The criteria vary by product, but it seems that a large part goes to the number of stars in customer reviews and the rate of returns. Eligibility Amazon prime is also a facilitating factor. As well as the ranking in sales , which is a popularity criterion taken into account. Amazon says other criteria are taken into account in its algorithm Amazon Choice , without specifying them, which leaves room for the imagination:

  • number of sellers,
  • date the product was put online,
  • modification history,
  • product category,
  • buyer interactions …

Are eligible Amazon Choice products manually chosen by an Amazon team?

Obviously no. Given the number of products “ Amazon Choice “, it seems quite simply impossible that this choice is manual. Moreover, one can notice certain flaws in the logic of presentation of the” choices “which clearly show that this cannot be manual. Explanations.

The criteria are all quantifiable, and like the Buying Box algorithm, the “Amazon Choice” label is also the result of an equation .

Search for “Toothpaste” on Amazon, the “Amazon Choice” is: Signal Integral 8.

Amazon choice toothpaste

However, we note that Amazon also offers other “Amazon Choice” for “Signal toothpaste”, “Charcoal toothpaste”, “Oral B toothpaste”, “Coglate toothpaste” …

And indeed, if we search by these terms, the “Amazon Choice” changes.

Likewise if you are looking for a term that is not suggested above in the Amazon Choice , but which corresponds to a product well placed in the search results, such as for example “Dentifrice Regenerate”, we find a new “Amazon Choice” which is none other than the “REGENERATE expert -clinically proven – Regenerates the mineral of enamel – 75ml”, the product which was so well placed in the previous research, but had not been mentioned in Amazon Choice.

Amazon choice regenerates

The Amazon Choice disappears if we modify the search for the same article

Another interesting test, search now “Toothpaste regenerates the enamel mineral”. Logically we should come across the same product, since these are terms that are all found in the title of the article. The result is surprising, the same toothpaste appears in the first place, but he is no longer “Amazon Choice”

Amazon choice has changed

What can we conclude about Amazon Choice?

First of all, it is a certainty that Amazon Choices are not human “choices”, but the choices of the algorithm. 

Then, that it is very likely that the algorithm has a two-step operation: first, the product must be eligible for the Amazon Choice program, by fulfilling a certain number of objective criteria, which are a return rate low, prompt delivery, and a very high positive review rate.

Secondly, if the product is eligible, the algorithm is activated for popular searches only. It takes a certain volume on a keyword for Amazon to “get wet” on its Amazon Choice. In fact, for a choice to be relevant, a certain number of people must have searched for the same thing, and at least clicked on the choice offered, failing to buy the product offered. So it’s not about the popularity of the products, but the popularity of the searches. 

What can sellers do to earn the Amazon Choice label?

The distribution of its products by “ Fulfilled by Amazon ” or “ Premium by seller »Allow us to give ourselves a first chance. Then the product must sell well, and therefore prime the pump, finally ensure that we collect a maximum of positive evaluations.

Last point, make sure that your product appears in the most important searches that buyers make on the site.

There’s no point in negotiating, it’s the algorithm that decides. It is therefore not a paid promotion, but an independent choice.

The Amazon Choice label is not easy to obtain, and the competition is fierce, but it shows that it is by working reference by reference that this type of label can be obtained. A call to brands to take care of their product sheets, prices, and highlights.

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