An alternative to Excel to transform your files

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Tired of repeating the same actions in Excel? To transform your supplier files into usable files? To transform yourself into an Excel expert to sell on marketplaces?

If you are a geek at heart, you know how to make macros in Excel , you click a button and transform your file format, rename columns, concatenate different cells, find-replace, and in the blink of an eye your original file is transformed into a usable format.

If you’re not a geek at heart, like most of us, you spend a lot of time doing all these operations manually, which wastes you a lot of time.

The benefit: time saving which avoids having to go through Excel each time

See the Mapper as if you had programmed a gigantic Excel macro that transforms your file from one format to another, and this without knowing neither Excel, nor the macro, and even less the VBA code.

The Sellermania Mapper is a rule editor, extremely flexible and easy to use

It allows you to transform a product catalog from one format to another, automatically and as many times as you want. In computer science this is called an ETL (Extract Transform Load). The Mapper is an ETL accessible to all, which targets e-merchants, product managers, buyers or even project managers. It is able to replace the manipulations you do manually in Excel, without the need to learn to code in VBA.

How does it work ?

As input, we load a file or a flux , which can be a CSV file for example, containing all the product (or other) data. And on output, the file comes out transformed, cleaned, according to the desired format.

In the midst of these two operations, a number of rules apply, over which you have complete control

The Mapper: a tool currently used mainly to create new products on marketplaces.

E-merchants inject a product flow, which comes from their information system, website, logistics, suppliers, and in output, they retrieve a file in Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Mano Mano format etc. Completely automated, they can thus create products on marketplaces automatically, without needing to change the way they work upstream.

It has many other applications: transforming the supplier’s file in exploitable format for your e-commerce site, modify your product file so that it conforms to what you require a distributor, standardize several files that have different formats in order to obtain a unique format. It can even accept files as input other than products: internally, we also use it to transform our customer invoice files in Debit / Credit format for the accounting!

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