New white paper: year-end sales

The last few years have been rich in events in e-commerce and marketplaces: the multiplication of the number of marketplaces, the drastic increase in the number of sellers, the emergence of repackaged products, the yellow vests crisis, the triumph of Black Friday, from 11 11 and to a lesser extent French Days.

But also: the rise of Asian competition on marketplaces in France, declining product categories, more volatile buyers, the mass arrival of brands on marketplaces when they were hitherto rather reluctant to set foot in this ‘jungle’….

For marketplace sellers, Black Friday marks the start of the year-end sales season. In one day, sales jump 90%

We analyzed the variations in order sales volumes on a sample of our 400 most representative French sellers between 2015 and 2018, all sectors combined. Enough to get an idea of what to expect this year.

  • Which sectors achieve up to 40% of annual sales in 5 weeks?
  • What are the latest trends, the rising marketplaces?
  • What are the days when everything is played out?

Find the answers in our White Paper

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