Sellermania wins the innovation award at the Ecommerce Trophies 2019

Thursday, October 10, in Paris, took place the presentation of Ecommerce Trophies .
Organized by Ecommerce Magazine for several years, the Trophies reward the best projects and initiatives in the … Ecommerce. The entire Ecommerce value chain is covered thanks to the different price categories: UX, Cross Canal, Acquisition, Loyalty, Logistics, International, Marketplace, Mobile, Marketing, Retail

Money in the Innovation Marketplace category

The jury recognized Sellermania in the Innovation Marketplace category, for the strategy deployed by the Sellermania-Cash Converters duo.

Cash Converters is a franchise, specializing in the purchase and sale of used products to individuals. Cash payment, as the name suggests. Undisputed leader in its market for more than 20 years, Cash Converters presents itself as a modern large second-hand product area:

  • 120 stores in France
  • 1 e-commerce site

The problem of Cash Converters stores vis-à-vis marketplaces

Several issues in reality:

  • Strategic: marketplaces are competitors of the Cash Converters group. Should we fight them or cooperate?
  • Organizational: the Cash Converters network is partly independent (franchises). Problem of federating the whole network to sell on marketplaces.
  • Technique: Cash Converters has its own marketplace, on which stores already sell, which adds complexity. In addition, the stores of course also sell own, physically in the shops. Finally, the products are in the majority cases available in a single copy, being of the occasion. How? ‘Or’ What ensure that all these channels are synchronized in real time when a sale is made on one of the channels, in order to avoid making sales in double?
  • Commercial: this is the usual problem on marketplaces, how to develop your turnover and be visible on sites that contain several hundreds of millions of products?

Technology and support for marketplace experts

The solution was first technical with the implementation of the Sellermania integration solution. The idea was to define a single strategy for all stores while keeping certain specificities, such as the definition of the selling price, specific to each store.

For this, the implementation of Market Prems, an intelligent and automatic repricing solution was adapted: it consists in automatically scanning the competition on the marketplaces, and changing the price dynamically every x minutes, according to the evolution of the market. competition, and taking into account store constraints (margins, strategy).

Since success depends on users (in-store salespeople in particular), particular emphasis has been placed on training, in particular: Specific training in-store and in webinars.

Dedicated support with Sellermania account managers and experts to answer all of the stores’ questions, with central coordination from the parent company Cash Converters. The objective was to bring together all the resources on this innovative and strategic project for the brand.
A global process has been implemented, and optimized, with all the stores, making it possible to streamline interactions and actions.

In 4 months, 24 stores were integrated into Back Market, Rakuten and FnacDarty.
To date, 50 shops are now present on the marketplaces!


The technology implemented is particularly innovative, in particular the stock synchronization and dynamic price management solution. In general, these solutions are implemented with relatively technically advanced merchants and on marketplaces. In the case of Cash Converters, the project has made it possible to launch these technologies to merchants with little experience in marketplaces, and sometimes less or less receptive to ecommerce.

For stores, the result is a simple solution, a unique tool, which does not disrupt the way they work, and allows them to minimize the number of errors while maximizing turnover.

“Sellermania has enabled all Cash Converters stores to launch quickly and efficiently on marketplaces and allows teams to optimize their sales there”.

Abdel Bouchary

The management platform, the service of an agency

Sellermania provides merchants and brands with a management platform, as well as an agency service to operate their marketplace activity.

Sellermania synthesizes the two pillars essential to success on marketplaces: the technological base (our proprietary management platform) and business expert support (the marketplace agency for brands and distributors).

Distributors and brands thus benefit from a complete solution to succeed in marketplaces.

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