Understanding the “secrets” of advertising on Amazon

For several years, Amazon has offered to advertise on their platform as well as that of their partners. The American giant offers to promote your products on the site, through banners in search results, customizable shops, landing page …

The goal : stay on the Amazon website

The principle is that the customer does not change environment, does not go to an external site, and that this one remains on the same site until the purchase.

Today, Amazon is the 1 er global e-commerce site, with a database of more than 300 million customers, and 37 million visits per month in France. This is the 3 th advertising management, behind Google and Facebook.

To compete with these advertising giants, Amazon offers different types of advertising:

  • Sponsored ads: sponsored products and brands
  • The stores
  • Display product ads
  • Display ads
  • Posts
  • Lives

For your product to be featured on Amazon, its quality and price are no longer enough. With the thousands of products added and sold every day, standing out from other sellers in the marketplace is getting harder and harder. Sponsored ads

70% of people who search for products on Amazon don’t go past the first page of results

Today, 56% of buyers start their search on Amazon, without going through Google or other search engines . Having a good positioning on Amazon has become necessary to be able to sell its products, especially since:

  • 70% of people who search for products on Amazon don’t go past the first page of results
  • 64% will click on the first three results, and 35% will click on the first product with image.

Amazon Sponsored Ads are distinguished by the words “Sponsored” or “Sponsored” next to the ad. Their appearance is if not the same as a typical search result.

There are two types of Amazon Sponsored Ads:

  • Sponsored products: allows you to promote a specific product. The product appears in the search results page and on the product page of the article in question. When you click on it, you go directly to the product page. Available for professional sellers or suppliers.

  • Sponsored brands: this type of Amazon advertising promotes a catalog of products (and not a single product). The advertisement appears at the top of the search results page as a banner, and can also be present in the middle or at the bottom of the page. When you click on it, you arrive on the product collection page. Available for vendors, professional suppliers as well as authorized vendors.

We prefer sponsored products to promote a particular product (a bestseller or a novelty), unlike sponsored brands, which allows a whole collection of products to be shown and which increases the visibility of the brand.

The customer is always at the centre: auctions aren’t everything!

Both of these advertisements are keyword driven. To have sponsored advertising, Amazon has set up an auction system. It’s Amazon that decides which product is the most relevant according to its criteria, and not necessarily the one that offered the most expensive amount.

The relevance of the product is determined by several criteria: quality of images, content, customer comments, product availability, buy box … Relevance is not linked to the number of products sold. This is why small and large sellers can invest in Amazon ads, because it is the quality of the product sheet that takes precedence over the quantity. A new seller can therefore very well overtake his competitors quickly.

For these two types of advertising, you must define a campaign budget as well as start and end dates. A campaign may well go on indefinitely. They are programmable up to 4 months in advance.

If you are a brand, shop

Amazon stores (or store) are mini-websites present in Amazon. They allow you to present your entire collection of products, and, like an online site, to classify them by categories, ranges, etc.

Blinds are available for sellers who are registered with the Amazon Brand Registry , suppliers, and agencies.

It is a customizable tool: you put your own visuals and creations, allowing to recreate the universe of your brand, and to invite the potential buyer in your world. Stores do not require skills in website creation. Amazon offers you different templates (photos, videos, texts) that you can choose and organize as you want.

The result can be viewed at http://amazon.com/yourbrand, allowing Amazon users to find out, but also those who search for your product line on Google. This web address is unique.

Once your store is created, it will go through validation at Amazon. Your store can be refused if it does not respect Amazon’s policy (maximum 72 hours of validation). You do not need to run advertising campaigns to be able to create your Amazon store, and above all, the creation of this mini-website is free.

Amazon provides all the tools to analyze your store data (traffic, number of page views, etc.) and allows you to add tags to the pages of your store for more in-depth marketing analysis (up to 30 tags). ). These tools are available through the advertising console.

The cherry: “display” product ads

The “display” product advertisements stand out because they are not produced using keywords, but by area of interest.

As regards “display” type advertisements, they are accessible to those who sell products on Amazon and make it possible to target by product but also center of interest.

Like sponsored ads, these appear in different places: the product details page, on the customer reviews page, and on the search results page. When a potential buyer clicks on this ad, they are taken to the product details page.

The price and obtaining of this type of promotion depends on the size and location of the advertisement, and works on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis. Each product display advertising campaign costs a minimum of 100 euros.

Each of these display product advertising campaigns can be programmed in advance (4 months), and their online duration is 6 months.

Display advertising helps direct customers away from the Amazon site

As regards the “display” type product advertisements, they are accessible to those who sell products on Amazon, but also those who do not.

To get a shot of your competitors’ business

Unlike sponsored ads, these also appear on your competition’s page. They can also be present on all typical Amazon partner sites, in the form of banners or videos. Their content is extremely customizable: you can send your creations to Amazon, which will validate them or not according to their quality and their respect for the values of the marketplace. When a potential buyer clicks on this advertisement, they are redirected to the product details page, the store or a site external to Amazon.

Their operation is different from other advertisements because their management requires going through the Amazon advertising console, Amazon DSP. The price and obtaining of this type of promotion depends on the size and location of the advertisement, and works on a CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) basis. Each display advertising campaign costs a minimum of 10,000 euros.

Capture your target audience’s attention by providing value

Create posts that are relevant to your target audience on Amazon, keep your brand top of mind and increase your customer numbers with Amazon Ads Posts. These are ads with your posts that appear on Amazon’s homepage, in search results and on product pages. They can be used to promote products, services or events.

A few recommendations:

  • Use high-quality images that are suitable for smartphones and that will catch your target’s eye.
  • Write catchy titles and descriptions. (Not on images)
  • Personalise your ads for your target and follow Amazon’s recommendations.

Show your products in action with Amazon Live

Some customers like to see products in use and ask questions live, so Amazon Live creates a closer relationship between sellers and buyers. It allows you to create live videos that can be used to present your products or services to a live audience. They can be displayed on the Amazon home page, in search results and on product pages.
Amazon ads have become an essential tool if you want to find yourself in the first search results on the e-commerce platform.
User behavior is changing, and Amazon is increasingly used as a product search engine. This requires adapting to their new mode of research and consumption.
The advantage of these ads is that they are aimed at all sellers, regardless of their size. Ads are based on quality, not quantity.

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