2 new marketplaces: LDLC and La Poste

The year starts off strong with two new marketplaces added to the Sellermania universe . LDLC and La Poste. The first is specialized in high tech categories and the second focuses on all categories related to stationery, cardboard, logistics.

These two marketplaces operate under Mirakl and are now fully integrated into Sellermania: management of orders, stocks, products, inventory … They are centrally managed and allow sellers to easily diversify their turnover by exporting their catalog from Sellermania.

First sellers perform well, and as always, first come first serve. We therefore recommend that you do not delay too long 🙂

LDLC: high tech at another level

We no longer present them, this specialized site created in 1996 is one of the pioneers and the most efficient in the field of high tech today.

  • 700 million euros in turnover
  • 54 stores
  • 1000 employees
  • 42,000 m2 of logistics
  • 3 million visitors / month
  • 500,000 active customers
The LDLC marketplace is qualitative, like the site, recruits specialist salespeople based on the quality of their offer and their customer service. Few sellers are elected and meet the criteria required by LDLC. The reward: the turnover is there.

The categories represented are both new and unpacked products:

LDLC marketplace categories

To be eligible you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • be specialized in your field on the categories mentioned above
  • Have complete product sheets
  • Have top customer service
  • Have the products in stock
  • Do not use “Fulfilled by Amazon” or “Fulfilled by C Logistics”

The conditions are similar to other marketplaces: a subscription of 39 € HT / month + a variable commission according to the category and a quick payment, every 10 days.

Being a privileged LDLC partner is the unique opportunity to access millions of High-Tech fans that you will not find on other platforms. It's your turn !

Julie LE HIR, Head of Marketplace LDLC

Manage LDLC and La Poste from Sellermania

As for all other marketplaces, the Sellermania platform allows you to manage LDLC and La Poste from a single interface with many advantages:

  • Centralize orders: LDLC and La Poste sales “fall” into Sellermania. You collect them in your e-commerce if you wish
  • Up-to-date stocks: when a sale is made on Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac or any marketplace, it automatically decrements the stock of LDLC or La Poste, as well as all the marketplaces that you have connected to Sellermania.
  • Smart prices: do you want to apply a specific price to LDLC or La Poste? create smart rules
  • Add, remove offers: no more need to do this on marketplaces, you do it centrally via a single interface. A significant time saving.

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