Commissions by marketplaces

Each marketplace has a specific fee system. The fee structure is generally the same for all marketplaces and consists of a monthly subscription and a commission. The amounts, although comparable, vary from one marketplace to another, and it is important to understand them well in order to be able to generate a profit. In this article, we’ll take a look at what fees sellers should consider.


Are marketplace commissions too expensive?

Our first tip, when you are evaluating the commissions of the different marketplaces , is to compare the costs – of course – with regard to your costs, but also with regard to the volume generated by the marketplace. This seems obvious, but the important question to ask is whether it is reasonable to pay x% of the founder’s commission for additional turnover. Another way to look at marketplace fees is to compare them to the sum of the costs that you would have to incur to generate the same volume by your own site. How much to pay for traffic, SEO services, payment providers, fraud … Last point, very often, it is possible to slightly increase its selling price to include the price of the commission. In absolute terms, any commission is always too expensive! but when compared to the costs that one would have to incur to generate the same turnover, it makes it possible to realize the value that marketplaces bring.

Commissions applicable on the sale price including VAT, shipping costs included

The Commission is generally stated exclusive of tax, and generally applies (except for ManoMano) to the sales price including VAT, shipping costs included. Let’s take an example. A marketplace announces a commission of 10% excluding taxes. You sell a product at € 100 including VAT, shipping costs included, you will have a commission of € 10 excluding VAT. Accounting, you will therefore have an income of 83.33 euros excluding taxes (100 divided by 1.2), and therefore a commission of … 12%, i.e. 10 € divided by 83.33. This is not a scam, you just need to know it up front.

Why is it done like this? originally it was for the sake of simplicity. Some sellers pay French VAT, others pay their local VAT, still others pay VAT on margin, and some do not pay VAT at all. In the United States, the Sales Tax (equivalent to VAT) applies differently depending on the state for each seller, depending on the location of the buyer and whether the seller has an establishment in the state in question. Applying a duty-free commission would have made the setup much more complicated.

Now that you know what the commission applies to, what are the amounts?

Amazon commissions

Selling costs on Amazon are: the subscription, the sales costs and the management costs.
Subscription on Amazon is 39 € / month.
There is a sales charge for each item sold, which is the commission on each item.
Management fees are only for the media category (books, music, video, DVD).

Selling fees

Some costs are “degressive” depending on the sale price

For the following categories: Watches, jewellery, computer accessories, clothing, furniture, the commission decreases from a certain selling price. See the table above, and interpret as follows: for a watch sold for 350 euros for example, the commission due is 15.45% on the first 250 euros, then 5.15% on the remaining 100 euros.

Management fees

Each product sold must also pay a handling fee of 0.30€.


For the sale of a digital camera sold for 150 €, with 5.99 € shipping costs.
The commission is up to 7.21% on the high-tech category.
It is not subject to management fees by Amazon.
Amazon will therefore retain (150+5,99) x 0,0721 + 0.30 =11.55€ excl. tax.

Note that in the event of a refund, Amazon will refund the commission minus a “commission deduction” of €5 or 20% of the commission amount (whichever is lower).

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Fnac commissions

The Fnac retains 2 costs related to sales: subscription and commission.
The subscription is 39,99 € / month.

New products Refurbished products Used products
Laptops & Tablets 7% 8% 10%
Hard drives, TV and video projectors 6% 10% 10%
Large appliances (excluding accessories and specific) 6.5% 10% 10%
Digital cameras & lenses 7% 10% 10%
Small appliances (excluding accessories and specific) 8% 10% 10%
Smartphones and Cell Phones 8% 8% 10%
Sound system, DJ (excluding accessories and specific) and microphones 8% 10% 10%
Default technical products (excluding accessories and specific), alarm clocks, desktops, components, monitors, power supplies, printers, scanners and game consoles 8% 10% 10%
Accessories – for gaming, game consoles, musical instruments, PA and DJs 13% 16% 16%
Accessories – for technical products, large household appliances, small household appliances and tableware 13% 16% 16%
Games, toys, health, gadgets, figures, cards, crafts and posters 12% 16% 16%
Video games, DVD / Blu-ray, audio, software, musical instruments (excluding accessories and specific), childcare, astronomy and meteorology 12% 14% 14%
Books 13% 15% 15%
Watches and editorial products by default (excluding accessories and specific) and stationery 14% 16% 16%
DIY 12% 15% 15%
Gardening 14% 15% 15%
Pet Shop 15% 16% 16%
Sports & Leisure, luggage storage 14% 15% 15%
Bedding, Linen 15%
Furniture 15%
Sustainable development, art & collection, home & lifestyle (decoration), electronic cigarettes, sexy chic, other / group item not specified. 15% 16% 16%
Other diversification 11% 15% 15%

In summary, the commission will vary depending on the condition of the product sold (new, used or reconditioned).

For an order of 425 € TTC for a new product, which is in the “Large Household Appliances” category, the commission will be 6.5%. Therefore, the amount of the commission will be 30.81 HT, to which you will have to add 20% VAT.

Rakuten Commissions

Rakuten takes 3 types of costs related to a sale: subscription , the commission and the management fees .
At Rakuten, there are 4 types of subscription:

– Starter for €0/month
– Classic for €39/month
– Extend for €199/month
– Absolute for €499/month

Categories Pro Absolute Pro Extend Pro Classic Pro Starter
A) Television, Computer – Computer, Components (excluding accessories) 5% 8% 11% 14%
B) Electronics, Musical instruments, Tyres, Telephony, Image and Sound, Small and large household appliances, Video games – Consoles (excluding accessories), Software, Music, Video 6.5% 9.5% 12.5% 15.5%
C) DIY, garden tools 10% 13% 16% 19%
D) Books, Stationery, Fashion, Watches, Electronic cigarettes, Toys and childcare, Sports equipment, Decoration, Furniture, Leisure activities, Tableware, Household linen, Accessories (television, telephony, image and sound, household appliances, video games), Computer consumables, Headsets and microphones, Car accessories, Cosmetics, Wine and gastronomy 12% 15% 18% 21%
E) Art and collection, Jewellery, Kinky space 15% 18% 21% 24%

To these rates is added 2% if the product sold is not new.
To these rates, 2% is added if the seller is based outside France.

Management fees are added to the commissions:

Price per item sold Management fees excl.
<=10€ 0.15€
<=50€ 0.50€
<=100€ 1€
<=200€ 2€
<=300€ 3€
<=400€ 4€
>400€ 5€

On the sale of a smartphone for €650, the commission is 12.5%, for a Pro Classic seller (who pays €39 excl. tax per month), i.e. 650*12.5% + €5 = €86.25. If the seller is an Absolute (who pays €499 per month), the commission is 6.5%, i.e. 650*6.5% + €5 = €47.25. For the subscription choice, it is all a question of volume. A low volume seller will prefer to pay high commissions rather than a large fixed subscription, and the other way round for a high volume seller.


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Cdiscount commissions

Cdiscount takes into account two factors for sales: subscription and commission.
The subscription is 39.99 € HT / month.

New products Non-new products
All categories (except list below) 15% 17%
Jewelry (excluding Watches and Glasses) 20% 22%
Watches 16% 18%
Appliances (except Large Appliances) 10% 10%
Large Appliances 8% 10%
Appliances accessories 10% 14%
Sound, GPS, Car audio, Photo, Camcorders, Lenses, Flash 7% 9%
TV, Computers, tablets, PC screens, Printers & scanners, video projectors 5% 7%
Cell Phones / Smartphones 7% 9%
IT – Peripherals, Components, networks, memories / storage 7% 9%
Video game consoles 8% 10%
Drones (excluding accessories) 10% 12%
High-Tech & Computer Accessories 12% 14%
Household – Bed element (including mattresses), Bed, Extra bed, Seat-seat (including sofas), Living room furniture – Entrance, Bedroom furniture, Office furniture, Bathroom furniture, Small complementary furniture, Kitchen furniture, 17% 19%
 Bed linen
15% 17%
DIY 12% 14%
Vehicles excluding:
• Hoverboards, and
• accessories for Gyropods and Hoverboards.
12.5% 14.5%
Tires 10% 12%
Wine – Alcohol – Liquor 10% 12%
Habitat – Bedding (Petshop) 16% 18%
Smoker’s Items 16% 18%
Drugstore 16% 18%

The commission rates apply to the amounts including tax of sales made, shipping costs included, and the commission thus calculated is understood to be exclusive of VAT. Note that when a sale is canceled, the commission is not refunded.


Price of a ring: € 399 incl.
Delivery costs: 49 € incl.
Commission rate: 20% HT (jewelry category)
Cdiscount commission: ((399 + 49) x (20% (jewelry commission) x 1.20 (VAT)) = 75.26

If the buyer has opted for payment in several installments, the following costs are borne by the seller:

Unit price of the product Unit invoiced amount
Between 0 € and 10 € 0
Between € 10.01 and € 20 0
Between € 20.01 and € 30 0
Between € 30.01 and € 50 0.4
Between € 50.01 and € 75 0.7
Between € 75.01 and € 100 0.8
Between € 100.01 and € 150 1.2
Between € 150.01 and € 200 2
Between € 200.01 and € 300 2.5
Between € 300.01 and € 400 3.5
Between € 400.01 and € 500 5
Over 500 € 6

Darty commissions

Fees on the marketplace of Darty are aligned with those of Fnac. The subscription fee is €39.99 excl. / month.

New products Refurbished products Used products
Laptops & Tablets 7% 8% 10%
Hard disks, TV and video projectors 6% 10% 10%
Large household appliances (excluding accessories and specific) 7% 10% 10%
Digital cameras and lenses 7% 10% 10%
Small appliances (excluding accessories and specific) 8% 10% 10%
Smartphones and Cell Phones 8% 8% 10%
Sound, DJ (excluding accessories and specific) and microphones 8% 10% 10%
Default technical products 8% 10% 10%
Gaming accessories, game consoles, musical instruments, PA and DJs 13% 16% 16%
Accessories for technical products, large and small household appliances and tableware 13% 16% 16%
Games, toys, health, gadgets, figures, cards, crafts and posters 12% 16% 16%
Video games, DVD / Blu-Ray, audio, software, musical instruments 13% 15% 15%
Books 13% 15% 15%
Watches and default editorial products and stationery 14% 16% 16%
DIY 12% 15% 15%
Gardening, Luggage storage 14% 15% 15%
Sports & Leisure, Sports textiles 14% 15% 15%
Sustainable development, art & home & lifestyle collection, electronic cigarettes, sexy chic, other
15% 16% 16%

Ebay commissions

Sure Ebay , there are 3 types of costs: subscription, advertisement insertion costs and costs relating to options and tools.

There are 3 types of subscription on Ebay:

  • Basic Shop at 19.50 € / month
  • Featured Boutique at 39.50 € / month
  • Premium Shop at 149.50 € / month


Categories Commissions
Electronic products 5%
Tires, rims, hubcaps 5% (up to €500 max), then 2% for the amount above €500.
Clothing, accessories 12%
Electronic accessories
Vehicles: parts, accessories
Motorcycle: parts, accessories
Other categories and Home, Garden, DIY 9%

The costs of inserting advertisements

Depending on the store you have chosen, you are entitled to a certain number of included advertisements, without insertion costs.

For a basic store: 300 fixed price ads, for a featured store: 10,000 fixed price ads and for a Premium store, as many fixed price ads as you want. If you exceed the number of advertisements planned in your store, an insertion fee applies as follows:

Basic shop Featured Shop Premium Shop
Insertion fees per additional ad in fixed price format 0.1 € 0.05 €
Insertion fees per ad at a fixed price 0.10 € 0.05 €
Free ads per month on auction format except Collection and Antiques category 20 50 250
Free monthly ads on collection and antiques auction format 20 50 250 + (2,500  for some sub-categories of the Collections and Antiques category) 
Insertion fees per additional ad in auction format 0.40 € 0.40 € 0.40 €

Ebay’s model differs from that of other marketplaces because of this notion of insertion fees and the possibility of the auction format. It is recommended that all professional sellers take a shop in order to avoid insertion fees.

This is a summary, you can find all the information here .

Manomano commissions

For Manomano, there is a subscription fee of €100 excl. tax per month per site (FR, ES, IT, DE) and £50 for the UK, as well as a fixed commission of 15 to 25% excl. tax on average applied to the tax free.

Back Market Commissions

For the marketplace of Back Market, the subscription is €50/month excluding VAT and the general commission is set at 11% excluding VAT of the amount including all taxes, whatever the product.


For a product worth €100 incl. VAT and €10 incl. VAT postage, Back Market will receive a commission of €12.10 (11% of €110).

Some product categories do not have the general 11% commission:

  • 10% ex VAT for laptops, MacBooks, iMacs and video consoles ;
  • 15% ex VAT on Apple accessories (except Apple cases);
  • 20% VAT excl. for non-Apple accessories (except for cases)
  • 20% excl. VAT on repair kits;
  • 25% excl. VAT on cases for smartphones, laptops, AirPods, tablets and Apple Watches.

Commissions Rue du Commerce

For Shopping street , the subscription is 40 € TTC . It exists 2 types of commissions : for new products and for used products.

New products

20.50% Erotic accessories
Gift boxes
Vitamins, minerals
and complements
14.5% Creative hobbies, drawing and painting
Fitness equipment
Bars, Weights, Dumbbells, medicine ball
Garden center
Swimming pool
Sauna / Spa
Home automation, Communication & Security
Observation & measurement
12% Champagnes Golf
Winter sports equipment
Small fitness equipment
Plancha and trolley
Internet subscription for console
High Tech Accessories
Audio accessories, DJs, speakers
Accessories and consumables
Video game accessories
Sports Camera Accessories
for Camcorder, for televisions,
for Projectors
Industrial vacuum cleaners
Workshop and site heating
Power tools
Water and air measuring tool
Measuring and tracing tools
Hardware store
10% Accessories for musical instruments
Wind instrument, to be strung
Music library
Boat material Food (pet shop)
Outdoor games
Connected objects
GPS software
Computer software
Connected objects
Internet subscription for console
High Tech Accessories
8% Books
Drums and percussion
Pianos, keyboards and accessories
Audio (excluding accessories)
Reversing camera and radar
Evening equipment
Peripherals / Networks
7% Computers
6% Large Appliances Spy cameras / Phones Car tires / Motorcycle tires
5% Living room console / Portable console
Camcorder / Photo filters
Video games
Video players or recorders
Photo / Televisions
Video Transmitter
Video projectors
Motorized vehicles

Second-hand products

17,50% Everything else Everything else Everything else Everything else Everything else


DVD and Blu-ray

Vinyl CD

Jewelry and Watches

Luggage and leather goods

Sports equipment and equipment

Garden furniture and equipment

Furniture and storage

Video game accessories

Auto Moto (excluding accessories)

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and ventilation

Home automation, Communication and Security

14% Books Small appliance Power tools
12% Musical instruments Large Appliances

Console and video games


Connected objects

Photos (excluding accessories)

Audio (excluding accessories)

10% Evening equipment


Peripheral devices




Video players or recorders

Televisions / Projectors

La Redoute Commissions

The Redoubt , the historic marketplace specializing in fashion and furniture is one of the leaders in these product segments.
A selective and demanding marketplace, it works exclusively with brands that complement its historical activity.
The subscription is 49 € / month .

Commissions break down as follows:

  • 17% on the “Fashion and Home” category
  • 20% on the “Jewelry and Accessories” category
  • 8% on the “High Tech, Small Appliances and Large Appliances” category
  • 12.5% on the “Fine Food” category
  • 10% on the “Wine / Spirits” category

The above data is current as of March 18, 2019. Despite all the care taken in writing this article, if you find an error or imprecision, please let us know.


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