✅ Does Cdiscount allow payment in installments free of charge for Marketplace purchases?  ?

Yes, Cdiscount offers payment in installments free of charge (4 installments to be precise) for Marketplaces orders.

At a purchase on the Cdiscount marketplace , the command includes a line “ Payment facilities », This line corresponds to the amount of management fees collected by Cdiscount under payment management.

Cdiscount purchase fees or payment fees are billed to buyers

The payment facilities are the costs invoiced by Cdiscount to the buyer. These costs are paid at the same time as the amount of the order. + They correspond to the costs associated with the method of payment and the management of cash receipts.

Sales commission fees charged to sellers

The fees for payment in 4 installments without fees are the fees invoiced by Cdiscount to the seller .

They are deducted from payments like the commission and appear on the order as a second commission.

Sellermania allows professional sellers to be able to separate the costs of payment from the sale price to simplify management.