✋ Is there a selling limit on eBay  ?

For any account eBay , some criteria mean that you cannot put as many articles as you want on your account .

This is the eBay selling limit

It is not systematic on eBay seller accounts , but is applicable in the following cases:

  • Additional verification to control the products and certify the account (ex: PayPal Verified)
  • Restrictions on accessing options on eBay and conditions to be fulfilled (eg: limited auction, unavailable “ask the seller a question”, sale blocked for a fixed period, registration for a minimum period – 90 days -, performance standards to be respected, etc.)
  • Limit applied to category (ex: perfumes are limited to 400 EUR of sale per week and a limit of 10 products / the categories ‘vehicles’ (except parts), ‘real estate’ and ‘SMEs, artisans and farmers’ are not subject to limitations )
  • Limit for certain items (ex: branded products)
  • “General” sales limit , capping the number of items in your account, which can be lifted

How to Understand the eBay “Item” Limit: In Stock Value

If you have a restriction or limit with ceiling , you have to contact eBay support to ask for the verification procedure and lift the possible limit on the number of objects, in order to be able to publish on your account.

In the case of the sales limit with ceiling, it is a monthly limit which takes into account 3 criteria , which blocks your account activity once one of the limits is reached:

  • The number of items sold (limit of units sold)
  • The number of advertisements in progress (limit on the value of the inventory in stock)
  • Turnover
With Sellermania, you can select which offers to publish and limit the quantities uploaded to meet your eBay ceiling, and continue to publish.