❓ Are Fnac and Darty the same Marketplace  ?

No, Darty was acquired by Fnac in 2016.

The differences between Fnac and Darty:

  • These are 2 distinct marketplaces . If you are already selling on Fnac and you want to sell on Darty, then you must start the same procedure for creating an account as a new seller.
  • Product catalogs are not the same , that is to say that a product existing on Fnac, may not exist on Darty. If you sell a product X on Fnac and it does not exist on Darty, you will need to create the product sheet on Darty to be able to sell your item.
  • To sell on Darty, there are specific fields and mandatory to fill in (delivery time and method, warranty).

The common points between the Fnac and Darty Marketplaces:

  • The 2 marketplaces are part of the same entity, the Fnac-Darty Group, which brings together other marketplaces and brands: Mistergooddeal (2015, takeover by Darty), Vanden Borre (2016), WeFix (2018), Nature et Découvertes (2019 ).
  • The 2 marketplaces are systems operated (at least in part for Fnac) by MIRAKL technology. This back office system is used by several marketplaces (Rue du Commerce, Ubaldi, Intermarché, Truffaut, Metro, etc.), facilitating and standardizing the understanding of a marketplace seller account.

Sellermania is compatible with MIRAKL technology from Fnac and Darty

Our tool adapts to your activity and accommodates you in catalog management on all these Marketplaces, including Fnac and Darty.