⭐⭐⭐ How many sales does it take to get a buyer’s rating on marketplaces?

Our studies show that the number of reviews buyers leave for sellers on most marketplaces is relatively low compared to the sales made.

On a site like Amazon, we analyzed a large panel of sellers thatit takes an average of 50 sales to garner a buyer evaluation. In 20% of cases, it takes 20 sales to collect an evaluation, and in 80% of cases, it takes 100 sales to collect an evaluation.

A number of buyers have a habit of leaving feedback when they encounter an issue with a seller. Considering the low number of reviews, this can have a big impact on the seller’s performance. To deal with this problem, many sellers revive their buyers to increase their evaluation rate, in order to improve their seller profile and dilute as much as possible any bad grades they might have.