? How do I sell on marketplaces if I don’t have logistics?

If you don’t know how to deliver to the end consumer, there are solutions to sell on marketplaces. The Amazon and Cdiscount sites offer “Fulfilled by Amazon” and “Fulfilled by Cdiscount” logistics solutions that take care of all logistics and customer service for you.

You send them your products en masse, just like you would any retailer, and they take care of the distribution part to the consumer. It works a bit like a consignment deposit. You will be paid as the sales are made on the marketplace.

It is possible to ask Amazon or Cdiscount to ship your orders that come from other marketplaces than Amazon or Cdiscount. This is the multisite sale. It will cost you an additional logistical cost.

With our Sellermania solution, you can perfectly manage sales shipped by Amazon or Cdiscount. 

Your stocks are constantly synchronized with Amazon: this allows you to sell your items on other marketplaces, and have them shipped by Amazon. Our solution takes care of everything, automatically: the sale from marketplace X is transmitted to Amazon, and Sellermania informs marketplace X once the item has been shipped.