? Do we have to have a website to sell on marketplaces?

On most marketplaces, this is absolutely not necessary. On some marketplaces, however, this is essential (Rueducommerce, La Redoute).

Having a merchant website usually indicates that you know how to deliver to the end consumer in good conditions, which will make your daily task easier. On the other hand, many sellers make significant sales on marketplaces and have no website. A site like Sellermania allows them to sell on several marketplaces at the same time saving considerable time in their management and minimizing manual errors.

If you do not know how to deliver to the end consumer, for example if you are specialized in BtoB, you can opt for “deported stock” solutions at Amazon or Cdiscount. The solutions offered by Amazon (“Shipped by Amazon”, FBA) or by Cdiscount (“Shipped by Logistics”, FBC) allow them to delegate delivery and customer service. . It is very often an excellent formula to start and guarantee quality customer service.

If you have a store and want to export your stock to marketplaces, you can do so in several ways:

  • If you can export a daily, up-to-date inventory file of what’s available in your store, that file can be used to update marketplaces.
  • If you cannot export a daily file, you can dedicate part of your stock to marketplaces
With our Sellermania solution, you can manage your marketplace activity whether you have a website or not. 

It works like a multi-marketplace "Seller Central". You can manage your different marketplaces centrally.