?‍? How do I export my site to marketplaces?

Many merchants wish to export their product catalog to marketplaces. This seems quite normal, since all the SEO work has already been done, and all that is left is to put these products in front of consumers!

The simplest solution is to go through a feed manager, or better yet, a marketplace management platform. Your site makes your product catalog available, generally in a file available on a URL, and the management platform will absorb this feed and then distribute it to the marketplaces you want.

The process is then automated and your stocks and new products are then transmitted daily to the various marketplaces.

Orders are also centralized and can go up on your website, which allows you to manage marketplaces in the same interface as that of your website.

With our Sellermania solution, you can export your site to marketplaces easily, and also manage marketplaces independently of your site if you wish. You can have different prices, different stocks between your site and the marketplaces, and choose to export only part of your catalog to the marketplaces.