❓ Do we have to have EAN codes to sell on marketplaces  ?

EAN (European Article Numbering) – 8 or 13 digit barcode – uniquely identifies a product.

This avoids having duplicate products in catalogs and in particular on marketplaces. This also makes it possible to sell very simply on marketplaces by avoiding re-entering all product information, if the article is already referenced.

The EAN Code has become an essential element for the referencing of products on marketplaces. Almost all marketplaces require an EAN code to be able to list products with them. Some exceptions exist in fashion, jewelry, old books, furniture …

At some marketplaces you can apply for be exempt from the use of EAN code in certain cases , and replace them with another identifier (this is the case with Amazon for fashion, for example). With eBay you have the option of not putting an EAN code when listing your item, if this is justified and offered by eBay.

To obtain an EAN if you do not already have one, you must apply from GS1 . You can apply for any number of EANs at the same time, and GS1 guarantees ownership of those EANs, ensuring that another seller cannot use the same codes.

It is imperative to use official EANs (GS1) . Unofficial EANs can be rejected by marketplaces, or cause serious damage to your marketplace activity, such as SEO errors leading to disappointment of buyers and possible delisting from your seller account.

Beyond the interest of recovering data and content already present, the EAN would improve natural referencing in Google and the click-through rate.

So why deny it !?

Sellermania knows the EANs and other identifiers produced by heart and offers you a detailed file on the subject: Definition of EAN code . The interface of the Sellermania software makes it possible to automatically retrieve the EANs of the products and to simplify the sale.