Can we sell without EAN on eBay?  ?

The EAN being the bar code of the product offered for sale, it is used by marketplaces to allow identify a product in their catalog .

In order to standardize the practice of professional eBay selling and improve SEO , the EAN codes became mandatory in 2016, for new and refurbished products by the manufacturer. For existing offers, modification is possible directly on the online form.

In the case where no unique EAN code is associated with the object , you can select “ Not applicable “, And this will be accepted as long as the” Not applicable “indication is relevant for the product type. If the information entered is verified as incorrect, this may result in the blocking or the deletion of your offer sheet.

With our Sellermania solution, your centralized inventory will also be up to standard to integrate both eBay and all the marketplaces you want to link if they have an EAN. Products without an EAN code are allowed to sell on eBay only.