What is a feed manager?

Marketplace integrator, feed aggregator, feed manager, what is it and what is it for? At Sellermania, feed management is our daily life: e-merchants use our feed management technology to optimize their activity on marketplaces.

When you have an e-commerce site and want to export the products from your site to marketplaces, this goes through a product flow, exported daily from the e-commerce site. The marketplaces feed manager will make it possible to distribute this product feed on the different channels that you will have targeted.

Each marketplace has its own requirements in terms of referencing and creating a product catalog: the references must be categorized according to a standard (“Mobile phones”, “Hands-free kit accessories”, “Tablets”, etc.), the products described by attributes specific (“Power”, “Weight”, “Memory”…).

The product feed of your e-commerce site will have to be adapted and optimized to meet these requirements and allow the creation of catalogs on marketplaces and other channels.

The marketplaces feed manager , at Sellermania for example, consists of a series of rules, called mapping rules , which allow you to adapt your product feed to marketplace catalogs. These rules are to be configured only once, which allows to automate the processes thereafter, and create your new references automatically on the marketplaces.

A feed manager, also called a feed aggregator, becomes essential for putting online on several marketplaces in order to optimize and automate sales. It facilitates the daily management of online sales on marketplaces.

Sellermania marketplace feed manager
The management of e-commerce flows at Sellermania, allows distribution to marketplaces on the one hand, and to collect orders on the other hand
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