Shopping Actions, Google’s response to Amazon

Shopping Actions, Google’s new sales platform, has been deployed since the beginning of September to 100% of French Internet users.

France is the only country in the world to benefit from this experience, with the United States replacing its Google Express offer by Shopping Actions. There is no doubt that if the French pilot is a success, Google will deploy Shopping Actions in the rest of the world.

Sellermania, Google technology partner

Sellermania allows many e-commerce sellers to get started, in preview on Shopping Actions. We are proud to be one of the very first marketplace management platforms to be compatible and integrated into this new program.

Offer valid until October 15, 2019

Why integrate Shopping Actions?

For sellers, there is no doubt that participating in this launch has many advantages:

First, Google’s strike force and traffic are promising for this new sales channel.

Then, as with the launch of other large-scale marketplaces, being among the top sellers makes it possible to grab many of the first sales , before a large number of competitors come to make the marketplace more difficult.

No subscription, no risk

Too, it’s inexpensive and low risk : Google does not take fixed costs or monthly payments. Only a commission is applied in the event of a sale (from 7% to 12% of turnover).

Note also that Google takes over certain tasks, which lighten the work of salespeople : Customer service is provided by Google, which notably informs the buyer about the delivery of the package. Google also manages returns, and provides buyers with return labels. The seller will deduct the cost of returns from its refunds, if applicable.

Increase your turnover

Finally, this new platform is an opportunity for sellers to add a solid string to their bow, by diversifying their sources of income , which in terms of commerce and marketplaces is the basics.

Google makes significant resources available, with which Sellermania is associated: support, a complete platform, an integration assistance service make the start-up fluid and easy.

Stephane Jauffret

Be careful, even if the platform is open to everyone and the eligibility criteria are simple, the queue is long! Over 1,000 sellers are currently awaiting approval. To be approved more quickly, and to benefit from our integration services in priority, register without delay!


Get started on Shopping Actions

Shopping Actions has big ambitions, given Google’s strike force, its traffic and the resources that Google has put into its development. We strongly recommend that all sellers participate.

Have questions, wondering what is the difference between Google Shopping and Shopping Actions? What are the Shopping Actions commissions? How to get started on Shopping Actions?

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