Is there not a risk to only sell at the lowest price with a repricing tool?

Marketplaces are a very competitive environment. With or without a repricing tool, most sellers adjust their selling prices all that day long.

A repricing tool adjusts your prices automatically, quickly, and can either lower the prices but also drive them up.

It is important to set a top and a bottom price. When a seller sets a bottom price, they must take into consideration the item’s purchase price and their margin. The idea is that the seller must be satisfied to sell at this bottom price. Setting a top price is just as important, as it is a comfortable price at which a seller can sell when there is less competition.

Moreover, it is also important to set a strategy taking into consideration margins in the repricing tool: excluding sellers with long shipping delay, low-rated competitors, refurbished items only sellers, not professional sellers …

Sellers with a repricing tool for Amazon or other marketplaces gain a good deal of sales and at a good price, compared to other sellers. We were able to observe these statistics during the covid-19 2020 lockdowns: sellers using our repricing platform increased their selling prices by 15% as well as increased their sales.